From our March Cohort

Insightful and AMAZING!

When I signed up for this refresher course, I was not expecting what I actually received. This course was AMAZING and even though I have been doing myo therapy for almost a decade, there was still so much to learn, new research to read and new perspectives to hear. Many were just starting their journey into myofunctional therapy and they had a wonderful opportunity to learn with the best. The course was great for me and would be fabulous for anyone who is thinking of expanding their hygiene practice into a new area. Of all the online courses I have taken this past year (and that was a lot during the pandemic!), this was one of the best! I say bravo for taking the virtual teaching platform and making it a true substitute for in person courses. Thank you Samantha for all of your enthusiasm and help. Doris Waite, RDH Myofunctional Therapist Buteyko Breathing Educator

Passion and professionalism

Each and every instructor presented the course content with the utmost in professionalism, passion, and inclusivity, for the academic and professional growth of each student. This was an enriching experience and I look forward to taking more classes. 1. Taking the OMT course online was a great experience, and enabled me to fit it into my week in a way that offered minimal challenges in time management. 2. Virtual online access enabled me to register and “attend” the course immediately, without having to coordinate time away for long distance commutes, or to take time away from work. 3. The evidence-based training was so comprehensive and I highly recommend the AOMT for the best orofacial myofunctional therapy training.

An Enormous THANK YOU!

Highly recommend this course to professionals wanting to learn myofunctional therapy or other therapists wanting to add to their previous knowledge. Online format allows participants to easily interact with each other and with presenters. Course material is easily accessible and presented very well. Coffee Klatsch allows more experienced therapists to discuss more advanced details while also giving new students a broader and deeper picture of this field. Really appreciated have guest presenters with expertise in related areas. Recordings of all course events makes this way of learning particularly valuable and relevant. An enormous thank you.

My favorite part? EVERYTHING!

My favorite part was everything! I love the new format and the extended length of the course to be able to implement what we have learned and to be able to ask questions the next week. I enjoyed the interactions of the group and to learn from the experiences of different people from different fields. And I enjoyed getting to know my accountability partner and to have someone in the group that I felt connected to. I also love that I can go back and watch the videos over and over again if I need to go over something. So, that is about everything in the course! Can't leave out Samantha and her knowledge and expertise and being able to communicate things so well! Samantha was always available to answer my questions! (and learning from Joy !) Really like the anatomy section in the course, also!

 I want to say that I wish I had known that you were expecting us to treat ourselves as patients and to do the full gamut of the exercises. But if I'd known I might not have signed on and that would have been a terrible loss for me. I don't know how you might improve on the course presentation - it was phenomenal, way beyond my expectations.

 I was unsure about an online format for a whole series of classes, but Samantha made everyone feel so comfortable and included from all parts of the globe. I loved that it was weekly with exercises as it gave enough time to go through the online portion. I highly recommend this course for anyone that works in or around the oral cavity.

Having future access to the comprehensive course content is invaluable. Additionally, the extensive coordination by the AOMT to provide so much quality online content, speaks volumes as to the level of professionalism that the Academy stands for. Thank you Sam for pouring your heart and soul into it.