Insightful and AMAZING!

When I signed up for this refresher course, I was not expecting what I actually received. This course was AMAZING and even though I have been doing myo therapy for almost a decade, there was still so much to learn, new research to read and new perspectives to hear. Many were just starting their journey into myofunctional therapy and they had a wonderful opportunity to learn with the best. The course was great for me and would be fabulous for anyone who is thinking of expanding their hygiene practice into a new area. Of all the online courses I have taken this past year (and that was a lot during the pandemic!), this was one of the best! I say bravo for taking the virtual teaching platform and making it a true substitute for in person courses. Thank you Samantha for all of your enthusiasm and help. Doris Waite, RDH Myofunctional Therapist Buteyko Breathing Educator

Passion and professionalism

Each and every instructor presented the course content with the utmost in professionalism, passion, and inclusivity, for the academic and professional growth of each student. This was an enriching experience and I look forward to taking more classes. 1. Taking the OMT course online was a great experience, and enabled me to fit it into my week in a way that offered minimal challenges in time management. 2. Virtual online access enabled me to register and “attend” the course immediately, without having to coordinate time away for long distance commutes, or to take time away from work. 3. The evidence-based training was so comprehensive and I highly recommend the AOMT for the best orofacial myofunctional therapy training.

An Enormous THANK YOU!

Highly recommend this course to professionals wanting to learn myofunctional therapy or other therapists wanting to add to their previous knowledge. Online format allows participants to easily interact with each other and with presenters. Course material is easily accessible and presented very well. Coffee Klatsch allows more experienced therapists to discuss more advanced details while also giving new students a broader and deeper picture of this field. Really appreciated have guest presenters with expertise in related areas. Recordings of all course events makes this way of learning particularly valuable and relevant. An enormous thank you.

My favorite part? EVERYTHING!

My favorite part was everything! I love the new format and the extended length of the course to be able to implement what we have learned and to be able to ask questions the next week. I enjoyed the interactions of the group and to learn from the experiences of different people from different fields. And I enjoyed getting to know my accountability partner and to have someone in the group that I felt connected to. I also love that I can go back and watch the videos over and over again if I need to go over something. So, that is about everything in the course! Can't leave out Samantha and her knowledge and expertise and being able to communicate things so well! Samantha was always available to answer my questions! (and learning from Joy !) Really like the anatomy section in the course, also!

 I want to say that I wish I had known that you were expecting us to treat ourselves as patients and to do the full gamut of the exercises. But if I'd known I might not have signed on and that would have been a terrible loss for me. I don't know how you might improve on the course presentation - it was phenomenal, way beyond my expectations.

 I was unsure about an online format for a whole series of classes, but Samantha made everyone feel so comfortable and included from all parts of the globe. I loved that it was weekly with exercises as it gave enough time to go through the online portion. I highly recommend this course for anyone that works in or around the oral cavity.

Having future access to the comprehensive course content is invaluable. Additionally, the extensive coordination by the AOMT to provide so much quality online content, speaks volumes as to the level of professionalism that the Academy stands for. Thank you Sam for pouring your heart and soul into it.

Amazing course!  You will definitely walk away with a strong base of education to begin your OMT career.   Their commitment to continued growth goes beyond the course itself.  They have created a community of knowledge, spanning all levels of experience, that meet weekly to encourage, enlighten, and educate.  Highly recommend the AOMT and Buteyko Breathing courses.

As an airway focused dentist I have to say that the AOMT training completely opened my eyes to a whole new and wonderful world of information that is so very important if we are to treat our patients optimally. The online format is perfect – you can go at your own pace if you have a busy schedule. And the support from Samantha and her team is unsurpassed!

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about myofunctional therapy through the AOMT and cannot speak more highly about the quality of education and ongoing support that they offer. The expertise they have enlisted to create curriculum and to assist with mentorship is invaluable. They have dedicated so much time to research and practice in order to offer students the very best. I am grateful for everything.

This course was simply one of the best I have ever taken! The course format allowed for such depth of understanding of mho-functional therapy and it's scope. The cohort model allowed time to practice & really integrate the material. Instruction from leading experts in the field, and insights from so many colleagues from a variety of professionals from around the world coming together live each week was definitely a unique and valuable experience! -Gillian Lavigne, SLP

Samantha is an absolute LEGEND! She has a real passion for OMFT, along with great patience! The course is only the beginning, the myo klatsch every week is also fantastic with different educational speakers, There is consistent backup. This is my 2nd time to take the course and I enjoyed every minute. I cannot recommend Samantha and her team enough. Well done. -Roisin Bruns

AOMT is my first course for myo functional therapy and I am so thrilled I chose to take this course. It is very thorough and detailed so that you do not feel lost and unable to move forward. There are endless amounts of education and I love that I will always have access to these resources. Samantha and the entire AOMT team has created a course I very much enjoyed and will continue to enjoy as I grow into my new role as myo functional Therapist! -Alysha RDH

The world of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy has so many applications and really is this missing puzzle piece in addressing a multitude of health issues. Being able to breath is key to life and most all of us are not good at it. OMT gives tools to help our body restore more normal breathing without invasive procedures.

A "must" course for orthodontists who want lasting treatment results for their patients. Myofunctional therapy changed the way I look at my patients and how I can help them. -Dr. Jessica Mailman, DDS, MS

Best course I have takes for orofacial myofunctional training! A diverse background of educators allowing for more information to be gathered. After taking this course you could implement into practice. I recommend this course to everyone looking to practice in to field of orofacial myo functional therapy! -Chelsea Hansen, RDH

World class presentation and instruction. Exceeded my expectations. Met new colleagues and made new friends. Am now part of an international community focused on total health and wellness by addressing root causes with collaborative care. Well done AOMT!! Will heartily recommend this course! -Cindy, RDH

I think it was really important for me to actually do the exercises on myself... so that I could see how persistence in doing the difficult exercises eventually accomplished the goal. I experienced how neuroplasticity worked on myself. -Wendy Quanstrom

Very educational, well taught and highly accessible on your own schedule. Live online classes bring students together from all different fields. Engaging conversations help bring together different views from each specialty area. The teachers are very fun and informative. The collaboration of different field make this course great for anyone. -Kellie Brearley, RDH

This course exceeded my expectation in so many ways. I feel truly prepared and supported by the instructors and fellow students. In addition to the live sessions, there is inexpensive library of information on the website and many opportunities for collaboration on other platforms. I like the flexibility if diving in as little or as much as you prefer, or as your schedule allows on that particular week. I highly recommend this course! -Mary Beth Beddingfield, RDH

It was a great experience to be at the course and learn how m'y-functional therapy is evolving around the world. I found it very engaging because of the comprehensive communication and passion of the teachers. I highly recommend the course and congratulate the whole team for the awesome work. -Dr. Nausheen Khan

I knew I had some issues with breathing since I was a kid that were never addressed, that didn't want him to go through. After I came across Myofunctional Therapy, I knew I found what my son needed, and since it was something within my range of knowledge, I thought it would be a great way to enhance my career and expand into a new world where I can help even more people. I can't wait to start my journey in myofunctional therapy!! -Irene

This course has been so wonderful and eye opening! The online course library with the weekly workshop is so genius! It allows us to review and ask questions. The speakers through Myo Klatsch we're relevant and informative. I didn't feel as if I was alone though the course. Thank you for emphasizing that we are always a part of the AOMT family. -My Tien

Loved the course! It was very thorough and gave me a much clearer understanding of TOTs and Myo. The changes that occur with Myo are very exciting! I feel like I have real tools to help people that need them. -Shelly Read

AOMT's intro course is worth every penny and time. Truly comprehensive and not the quick/ fast program. Samantha and Doris are very friendly and easy to talk to. All the material is easy to access and follow. Best support during the course and post course. Highly recommend AOMT!! -Susie Espinosa

I have taken other intro courses prior to this, but this one surpassed them all by far in terms of content, organization, thoroughness and most importantly... support! Thank you to all at AOMT. -Michele Murdy, RDH

The Instructors truly care about what they are teaching/telling/showing/doing. -Terri Lawrence, RDHAP

This is just the beginning! It is truly a please being a part of this wonderful community. I hope to continue to learn/grow/connect with confidence as I move forward in the field. Thank you for everything! -Cheryl Foster

This course was a true asset to me as a dentist. I now have a more thorough and contemporary understanding of the orofacial issues I see on a daily basis in my patients but was unprepared to identify and guide treatment for previously. It has also been personally beneficial in helping me to deal with my own health. I have experienced a mind-blowing change in my bite and an improvement in my sleep since participating in the course. I am excited to see what other positive changes I am able to make through my journey. -Claudia Patch

I am a Registered Dental Hygienist, Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor and Director of Personal Relations with the Airway Circle. I have take NUMEROUS courses over the last 5 years, including this one in 2017. And I can say that this new course is ABOVE and BEYOND what I expected. I originally signed up again to obtain certification through AOMT, but I have been absolutely pleasantly surprised. -Chelsea Madison

I am an alumnus and decided to take the course to learn the most up to date methodology and current research behind the expanded methodology. I learned so much more and am very happy I have taken this course. It is interesting, has different parts so there is self-study and then weekly meetings devoted to learning the lessons and lots of support built in to the program. Brilliantly, they have us do the program on ourselves which really gives us the feel for being able to help another with it. Any obstacles or questions that come up, they are there to answer, which provides is with the best tools for navigating any challenges that may come up with out patients. It is apparent those teaching the course are very connected in the current research in the field and very motivated to help us both learn and have all the tools and support we need to be successful in the field. The feeling is that we are embraced as essential parts in the ever-expanding field of m'y-functional therapy. This is very exciting. Bringing together all disciplines to learn this expanded methodology that will intersect and have valid in so many areas feels like a bigger picture energy of change in an upward spiraling motion. I am happy to be part of it. You will be too. -Shelley Greenbaum